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薪资: 2万-5万 经验:不限 企业类型:国内高端酒店/5星级
地区:全国-全国 食宿:提供食宿

一、Key Responsibilities 职责概述Job Summary职责概述Participate in the management of the hotel on behalf of the group,as well as assist and supervise the hotel management company to carry out the all operating activities according to the established business plan and budget ,and also implement?the group's instructions to ensure the perfect and safe operating environment.代表集团参与酒店的经营管理,协助并监督酒店管理公司按既定的经营计划和预算开展经营业务、贯彻集团的各项指示,保障酒店良好、安全的经营环境。二、Essential Duties and Responsibilities主要职责和责任1. Directly responsible for the deputy general manager of poly hotel management company;直接对保利酒店管理公司副总经理负责。2.Assist and supervise the management of the hotel operation on behalf of the owner and coordinate the stakeholders’ relationship between hotel management company and owner party, as well as ensure the rights of the?company to be legally reflected;代表公司协助并监督酒店的管理运营,并协调酒店管理方与业主方之间的利益关系,确保公司的合法权益得到体现。3.Coordinate the friendly cooperation relationship between owner and the hotel management company fully ,to ensure?the hotel management contract to be implemented smoothly, as well as be fair and pleasant;全面协调公司与酒店管理公司的友好合作关系,切实保证酒店管理合同能够顺利、公正、愉快的执行。4. Report the hotel matters timely, completely and accurately to the company and also establish and strengthen perfect?the report system ;酒店重要事项及时、完整和准确地向公司请示和汇报,建立健全请示报告制度。5.Participate in the major decision of the hotel's business problem , and assist to manage the public relations of?company better , as well as perform the social responsibility of the enterprise well and build a harmonious ,safe?operating environment;参与酒店重大业务问题的决策,协助管理公司做好公共关系,履行企业的社会责任,营造酒店良好、安全的经营环境。6.Participate in the delivery acceptance of hotel property, checkup the all preparatory work about Opening operation?of the hotel management company ;参与酒店物业的交付验收,审查酒店管理公司开业和运营的各项准备工作。7.Review and evaluate the annual operating budget and final accounts report of the hotel which are formulated by General Manager ;审核、评估酒店总经理拟定的酒店年度经营预算和决算报告。8.Audit and estimate the annual salary budget and final accounts report f the hotel which are formulated by?General Manager ;审核、评估酒店总经理拟定的酒店年度薪酬预算和决算报告。9.Audit and estimate the annual marketing budget and final accounts report of the hotel which are formulated by?General Manager;审核、评估酒店总经理拟定的酒店年度营销预算和决算报告。10.Supervise and guide the work of Management personnel’s appointed by owner,meanwhile proposed the?assessments to the company regularly;监督指导公司派驻酒店管理人员的工作,定期向公司提出评估意见。11.Audit the personnel administrative system and the personnel employment of the important position of the hotel, as?well as promote the modern enterprise culture to be more positive, sustainable and healthier ;审核酒店的各项人事行政制度和重要岗位的人事聘用,推动酒店形成积极、健康、可持续发展的现代企业文化。12.Supervise ,inspect and participate in the hotel financial work ,such as :daily financial management, procurement?management, cash flow management, and liability management to protect the interests of the company?from being violated;监督考核并参与酒店日常的财务管理,采购管理,现金流管理,负债管理等各项财务工作,保护公司利益不受侵害。13. Supervise and guide the hotel finance department to implement the relevant state taxation, laws, regulations and?standards legally ,while stop and correct the unlawful financial behavior in time and report to the company.监督指导酒店财务部门执行国家有关财税、法律、法规和准则,保证合法性,对于违反法律及公司规定的财务行为及时制止、纠正并上报公司。14.Responsible for checking the each work process and operating standards of the hotel finance and the related?work , to ensure the process be lawful, reasonable and feasible;负责审核酒店财务及与财务相关的各项工作流程及操作标准,保证各流程的合法、合理和可行。15.Supervise and inspect the hotel accounting, cost control of operation; and participate in the hotel tax and audit?work;监督检查酒店会计核算、会计处理和成本控制的运作;参与酒店纳税筹划及审计工作。16. Check the financial statements, business report, sales report, contract personnel report, contract and other?important work report of the hotel, and timely report to the company in truce as well as provide professional?assessment regularly ;审核酒店各项财务报表、营业报表、销售报表、人事报表、合同合约和其他重要工作报表、报告,按时、如实地向公司汇报酒店的财务状况和经营状况,定期向公司提供专业评估意见。17.Supervise and exam the implementation of the hotel asset management and maintenance, to ensure its integrity?and smooth operation;监督考核酒店资产管理、使用、维护的执行情况,保证其完整性及良性运转。18. Performs any other duties or responsibilities required by Company.根据公司要求履行其他责任和义务。三、REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS 资质要求1. Required Skills / Certificate 技能 / 证书2. Computer Skill: Skillful to operate Office电脑操作技巧: 熟练使用MS办公软件3. English Language Level: Fluent in English spoken and written is preferred 英语水平:口语与书写流利为佳Qualifications 资格1.Team Focused 关注团队:Support colleagues 给予同事支持Explain what to do and the reason 阐述工作任务及其原因2. Action Oriented 行动导向Strives to deliver consistently 力争始终如一的完成工作Focus on details and standards 关注个人工作的细节和标准3. Passionate工作热情Understand guests’demand and the market 理解客户的需求和市场Create a positive environment for changing 为变革创造一个积极的环境4. Business skills 业务技能Understand the short-term opportunities of reform 了解短期的变革机会Understand the profit model 了解企业如何盈利Experience 经历要求1. Hotel management major(tourism management), bachelor degree or above;酒店管理专业(旅游管理类)专业本科以上学历。2. Age above 40, with more than 5 years experience as hotel general manager, deputy general manager, resident?manager or the director of department;年龄40以上,拥有5年以上酒店总经理、副总经理、驻店经理或部门总监等管理经验。3. Have five-star experience in international brand hotel management companies. Familiar with hotel operation and?management business, hotel daily operation and service standard;有五星以上国际品牌酒店管理公司工作经验。熟悉酒店经营和管理业务,熟知酒店日常运行标准与服务规范。4. well-connected in hospitality industry;有深厚的行业人脉资源。5. Familiar with the related state laws, regulations, and policies about finance, financial, securities ,tax and audit;熟悉金融、财会、证券、税收、审计等国家有关法律、法规、政策。6. Have the profound understanding and rich experience to the operation and management of the state-owned?enterprises;对国有企业的运作与管理规范有深刻的认识与丰富的经验。7. Have the sufficient knowledge and experience to the high-profile government reception standards;对高规格的政府接待活动标准有充分的认识与经验。8.Strong in leadership skills, judgment and decision-making ability, public relations ability, good communication skill?and business negotiation ability;具有较强领导能力、判断与决策能力、公关能力,良好的沟通协调能力、商务谈判能力。9. Have a good professional ethics and professional spirit, and possess a strong sense of responsibility and?belongingness;具有良好的职业道德操守和敬业精神,对企业有强烈的责任感和归属感。 

薪资: 2万-6万 经验:不限 企业类型:全服务中档酒店/4星级
地区:全国-全国 食宿:提供食宿


薪资: 2万-5万 经验:10年以上 企业类型:
地区:全国-全国 食宿:提供食宿

岗位职责1. 全面负责酒店的经营管理。2. 建立、健全酒店的组织管理系统,使之合理化、精简化、高效化。3. 负责实现酒店的营业收入指标和利润指标。4. 负责制定酒店的经营预算和决算,提出更新改造和投资计划。5. 落实酒店年度财务预算,向各部门下达年度工作指标。 6. 督促酒店维修保养工作和酒店安全管理工作。7. 负责做好酒店与各界人士的公共关系,树立酒店良好形象。8. 做好酒店机构设置、员工编制及重要人事变更。9. 指导培训工作,培养人才,提高整个酒店的服务质量和员工素质。岗位要求1. 大专以上学历,相关管理专业。2. 从事四星级酒店工作10 年以上,具有X年以上相关高层管理工作经验。3. 熟悉酒店各部门服务及管理流程。4. 善于管理和经营团队,事业心强。5. 有较强的沟通、计划、决策和综合判断能力。

薪资: 3万-5万 经验:5年以上 企业类型:全服务中档酒店/4星级
地区:全国-全国 食宿:提供食宿


薪资: 3万-5万 经验:5年以上 企业类型:国际高端酒店/5星级

***This is a master requisition for DOSM.Candidate will be assigned by actual vacancy throughout Greater China properties.If you are interested in DOSM position with Marriott International, please send CV to SUMMARYFunctions as theleader of the property’s sales department for properties with bookings over 300peak rooms and significant local catering revenue.Manages the property's reactive and proactivesales efforts.Provides day to dayleadership to sales associates to achieve property sales objectives withoverall responsibility for achieving booking goals and property revenues.Implements the brand’s service strategy andapplicable brand initiatives in all aspects of the sales process and focuses onbuilding long-term, value-based customer relationships that enable achievementof the hotel’s’ sales objectives. Evaluates the property’s participation in thevarious sales channels (e.g., Area Sales, Group Sales within the Sales Office,electronic lead channels, etc.) and develops strong working relationships toproactively position and market the property.Manages the marketing budget to enable development of property specificcampaigns, promotions and collateral to drive revenue and meet propertyobjectives. Interfaces with regional marketing communications for regional andnational promotions pull through.Developsand implements property–wide strategies that deliver products and services tomeet or exceed the needs and expectations of the brand’s target customerprofile and property associates and provides a return on investment to theowner and Marriott International.CANDIDATE PROFILEEducation and ExperienceRequired:·        2-yeardegree from an accredited university in Business Administration, Marketing,Hotel and Restaurant Management, or related major; 4 years experience in thesales and marketing or related professional area.OR·        4-yearbachelor's degree in Business Administration, Marketing, Hotel and RestaurantManagement, or related major; 2 years experience in the sales and marketing orrelated professional area.Preferred:·        4year college degree.·        Demonstratedskills in supervising a team.·        Lodgingsales experience.·        Hotelindustry work experience, demonstrating progressive career growth and a patternof exceptional performance.CORE WORKACTIVITIESManagingSales Activities·        Manages the development of a strategic account plan forthe demand generators in the market.·        Manages the property's reactive and proactive salesefforts.·        Determines and develops marketing communication activities,in conjunction with Regional Marketing Communications.·        Provides customer intelligence in evaluating the marketand economic trends that may lead to changes in sales strategy to meet orexceed customer expectations.·        Reviews the Strategic Alignment Review (STAR) report,competitive shopping reports and uses other resources to maintain an awarenessof the hotel’s market position.·        Researches competitor’s sales team strategies toidentify ways to grow occupancy and RevPAR and increase market share.·        Attends sales strategy meetings to provide input onweekly and overall sales strategy.·        Suggests innovative marketing ideas and developsdeployment strategies to continue to grow market share.·        Evaluates and supports participation and accountdeployment with Area Sales and Group Sales within the Sales Office.·        Serves as the sales contact for the General Manager,property leadership team, Group Sales and Area Sales leaders.·        Serves as the sales contact for customers; serves asthe customer advocate.·        Serves as hotel authority on sales processes and salescontracts.·        Serves as the property sales liaison with Area Sales, GroupSales, Revenue Management, Event Management, Regional Marketing Communicationsand other hotel departments as appropriate.·        Participates in sales calls with members of the Salesand Marketing team to acquire new business and/or close on business.·        Identifies public relations opportunities andcoordinates activities to augment the overall marketing communication strategy.·        Supports the General Manager by coordinating crisiscommunications.·        Executes and supports Marriott’s Customer ServiceStandards and hotel’s Brand Standards.·        Executes and supports the operational aspects ofbusiness booked (e.g., generating proposal, writing contract, customer correspondence).·        Participates in and practices daily service basics ofthe brand (e.g., , Marriott Hotels and Resorts (MHR) Spirit to Serve DailyBasics, Renaissance Hotels and Resorts (RHR) Savvy Service Basics, Courtyard,SpringHill Suites, Fairfield Inn Basics of the Day, Residence Inn Daily Huddle,or TownePlace Suites Morning Meeting).·        Implements a seamless turnover from sales to operationsand back to sales while consistently delivering high level of service.·        Monitors the effective resolution of guest issues thatarise as a result of the sales process by creating mechanisms to channel issuesto property leadership and/or other appropriate stakeholders.   ·        Maintains successful performance by increasingrevenues, controlling expenses and providing a return on investment for theowner and Marriott International.·        Implements thebrand’s service strategy and applicable brand initiatives in all aspects of thesales process and focuses on building long-term, value-based customerrelationships that enable achievement of the hotel’s’ sales objectives.·        Interfaces withregional marketing communications for regional and national promotions pullthrough.·        Performs otherduties, as assigned, to meet business needs.BuildingSuccessful Relationships·        Develops strong partnerships with local organizationsto further increase brand/product awareness.·        Develops and manages internal key stakeholderrelationships.·        Develops strong community and public relations by maintainingproperty participation in local, regional and national tradeshows and clientevents.·        Executes exemplary customer service to drive customersatisfaction and loyalty by assisting the customer and monitoring theirsatisfaction before and during their program/event.·        Serves the customer by understanding their needs andrecommending the appropriate features and services that best meet their needsand exceed their expectations, while building a relationship and loyalty toMarriott.·        Gains understanding of the hotel’s primary targetcustomer and service expectations; serves the customer by understanding theirbusiness, business issues and concerns, to offer better business solution bothprior to, and during the program/event.Leadership·        Functions as the leader of the property’s salesdepartment for properties with bookings over 300 peak rooms and significantlocal catering revenue.·        Develops sales goals and strategies and verifies alignmentwith the brand business strategy.·        Executes the sales strategy in order to meet individualbooking goals for both self and staff.·        Coaches leaders of revenue generating departments indeveloping effective revenue strategies and setting aggressive goals that willdrive the property's financial performance.·        Verifies Sales team understands and is leveraging MarriottInternational (MI) demand engines to full potential.·        Works with Human Resources, Engineering and LossPrevention to monitor compliance with local, state and federal regulationsand/or union requirements.·        Partners with Human Resources to attract, develop andretain the right people in order to support the strategic priorities of themarket.·        Creates effective structures, processes, jobs andperformance management systems are in place.·        Sets goals and expectations for direct reports usingthe Leadership Performance Process (LPP), aligns performance and rewards,addresses performance issues and holds staff accountable for successfulresults.·        Forecasts talent needs and manages talent acquisitionstrategy with Human Resources (HR) to minimize lost time due to turnover.·        Maintains an active list of the competition’s bestsales people and executes a recruitment and acquisition plan with HR.·        Supports tools and training resources to educate salesassociates on winning catering solutions.·        Champions leadership development and workforce planningpriorities by assessing, selecting, retaining and developing diverse,high-caliber talent that can lead the organization today and strengthen theleadership bench for the future; continues to upgrade the sales & marketingtalent; works with HR to anticipate future talent needs based on businessgrowth plans.·        Identifies, trains and mentors group sales associates;utilizes all available on the job training tools for associates.·        Transfers functional knowledge and develops group salesskills of other discipline managers.·        Provides day today leadership to sales associates to achieve property sales objectives withoverall responsibility for achieving booking goals and property revenues.·        Evaluates theproperty’s participation in the various sales channels (e.g., Area Sales, GroupSales within the Sales Office, electronic lead channels, etc.) and developsstrong working relationships to proactively position and market theproperty.·       Manages themarketing budget to enable development of property specific campaigns, promotionsand collateral to drive revenue and meet property objectives.MANAGEMENT COMPETENCIESLeadership·          Adaptability– Develops strategies  and identifies resources to implement and manage change; models flexibility  in adjusting priorities; and communicates the need for change in a positive  way that encourages commitment.·          Communication- Actively listens and  uses appropriate communication styles to deliver complex information in a  clear concise way and influences others to accept a point of view, gain  consensus, or take action.·          Problem Solving and Decision Making-  Models and sets expectations for solving complex problems, collecting and  comparing information to evaluate alternatives, considering their potential  impact before making decisions, involving others to gain agreement and  support, and guiding others to implement solutions.·          Professional Demeanor-  Exhibits behavioral styles that convey confidence and command respect from  others; makes a good first impression and represents the company in alignment  with its values.Managing  Execution·          Building and Contributing to Teams-  Leads and participates as a member of a team to move the team toward the  completion of common goals while fostering cohesion and collaboration among  team members.·          Driving for Results-  Focuses and guides others in accomplishing work objectives.·          Planning and Organizing-  Gathers information and resources required to set a plan of action for self  and/or others; prioritizes and arranges work requirements self and/or others  to accomplish goals and ensure work is completed.Building  Relationships·          Coworker Relationships-  Develops and uses collaborative relationships to facilitate the  accomplishment of work goals.·          Customer Relationships-  Develops and sustains relationships based on an understanding of customer  needs and actions consistent with the company’s service standards.·          Global  Mindset -Supports  employees and business partners with diverse styles, abilities, motivations,  and/or cultural perspectives; utilizes differences to drive innovation,  engagement and enhance business results; and ensures employees are given the  opportunity to contribute to their full potential.Generating  Talent and Organizational Capability·          Organizational Capability-Evaluates and adapts the structure  of organizational units, jobs, and work processes to best fit the needs  and/or support the goals of an organizational unit.·          Talent Management-  Provides guidance and feedback to help individuals develop and strengthen  skills and abilities needed to accomplish work objectives.Learning  and Applying Professional Expertise·          Applied Learning-  Seeks and makes the most of learning opportunities to improve performance of  self and/or others.·          Business Acumen- Understands and  utilizes business information (e.g., data related to employee engagement,  guest satisfaction, and property financial performance) to manage everyday  operations and generate innovative solutions to approach business and  administrative challenges.·          Technical Acumen-  Understands and utilizes professional skills and knowledge in a specific  functional area to conduct and manage everyday business operations and  generate innovative solutions to approach function-specific work challenges.o     Devising Sales Strategies and  Solutions- Trying  different and novel ways to deal with sales challenges and opportunities; taking  courses of action or developing sales strategies that apprpriately consider  available facts, constraints, competitive circumstances, and probable  consequences.o     Sales Disposition- Energetic, proactive, takes  calculated risks, and perseveres to attain goals.o     Sales Opportunity  Analysis-  Ability to understand and utilize economic, financial, industry, and  organizational data; accurately diagnosing customer needs and issues that can  inform sales strategies.o     Revenue Management- Knowledge of total hotel  revenue management concepts, processes and strategies (including sales cycles  and trends, account management, pricing, and inventory management).o   Management  of Financial Resources-Ability to analyze Profit and  Loss (P&L) statements, develop operating budgets and revenue goals,  forecasting, and capital expenditure planning; determining how money will be  spent to get the work done, and accounting for these expenditures.·          <span style="font-famil

薪资: 5万-8万 经验:10年以上 企业类型:国内高端酒店/5星级
地区:全国 食宿:提供食宿


薪资: 3万-5万 经验:10年以上 企业类型:国内高端酒店/5星级
地区:全国-全国 食宿:提供食宿


薪资: 3万-5万 经验:10年以上 企业类型:国内高端酒店/5星级
地区:全国-全国 食宿:提供食宿

岗位职责:1. 全面负责酒店的日常经营管理,人事管理及财务管理;2. 对酒店的市场定位,经营目标、管理模式进行决策,并组织实施,实现酒店的营业收入指标和利润指标;3. 负责制定及落实酒店年度财务预算,向各部门下达年度工作指标;4. 全面负责酒店的服务品质,包括内外部客户满意和酒店安全管理工作;5. 负责做好酒店与投资人及各界人士的公共关系,树立酒店良好形象;6. 做好人员梯队建设和酒店机构设置、员工编制及重要人事变更,提高酒店的服务质量和员工素质。 任职要求:1. 男女不限,45岁以下,大专以上文化学历,酒店旅游管理等相关专业,能接受全国调配,有国际连锁酒店集团旗下高星品牌经验者优先考虑;2. 有三年以上国际联号酒店中高层管理经验,从事酒店同等职位3年以上工作经验;3. 善于沟通,表达能力强,有较强的计划、决策和综合判断能力;4. 有良好的职业道德和责任感,事业心强,有较强组织协调能力,善于管理和经营团队。

薪资: 3万-5万 经验:8年以上 企业类型:国际高端酒店/5星级
地区:陕西-西安 食宿:提供食宿


薪资: 3万-5万 经验:不限 企业类型:温泉

项目:温泉旅游度假项目(景区)岗位职责1、负责温泉旅游度假项目(或景区)全面的经营和管理工作;2、参与温泉旅游度假项目(或景区)发展规划、建设计划的制定和实施;3、根据公司制定的战略,实际经营管理目标 任职要求:1、本科及以上学历,旅游管理、酒店管理、企业管理、市场营销等相关专业;2、熟悉温泉旅游度假项目(或景区)运营管理,有大型温泉旅游度假项目(或景区)经营管理经验;3、管理能力、协调能力强,熟悉现代旅游管理模式,能够带领团队出色的完成年度目标。4、懂战略、善组织,具备优秀的管理、沟通协调、计划制定与推进能力;5、具备敏锐的洞察市场动态、把握市场方向的能力;6、具有旅游市场拓展及开创销售渠道能力。7、品行端正、勤奋敬业、责任心强;

薪资: 3万-5万 经验:10年以上 企业类型:国内高端酒店/5星级
地区:全国-全国 食宿:提供食宿

1、身体健康,形象大方;2、相关专业大专以上学历,具有一定的英语水平,持有国家旅游局颁发的《饭店总经理岗位职务培训证书》; 3、具有良好的职业素养,处事稳重,沟通协调能力强,能承受较大的工作压力;4、5年以上高星级酒店副总经理以上任职经历,熟悉酒店运营管理及国家星评标准,有筹建工作经验,能够全面指导和监控酒店的日常运作。 

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